Welcome to The Grand Volcano

The energy and spirit of Lake and Volcano Batur invite you. Your stay in the village of Buahan beside the Lake Batur will allow you to have a relaxing and outstanding holiday.

The Grand Volcano located just beside Lake Batur Bali with a majestic view of mountain, Volcano Batur and a beautiful mountain lake. Is really quiet and peaceful place.

The Grand Volcano not only provide accommodation but also offer : Volcano Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour, Arround Batur Lake Cycling Tour, Mt. Abang Sunrise Trekking Tour, Volcano Agung Sunrise Trekking Tour, Bali One Day Tour, Dolphin Tour and numerous activities.

Your family and friends, are welcome here and will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and service at The Grand Volcano

The Grand VolcanoThe Grand Volcano